UNDOMYLEATHER /ən'dumaɪlɛˌðɚ/ 
noun. The concept of unraveling one's exterior to unveil insights of the mind, interests and art. Revelation of one's inner muses. The metaphorical removal of one's physical leather, skin, exposing what's inside.

Also known as Alex Lartigue. (she/they)
Lartigue is a visual artist working across disciplines ranging from skin, collage, illustration, and sculpture. Lartigue was born and raised in Northside Houston, Texas she currently resides in Los Angeles, California. They aim to produce complex and sculptural work drawn from the artist's deep interests in material, form, texture, time, life, and death. 

Lartigue is a self taught tattoo artist. Their style revolves around detail, scale and subject. She describes her tattoos as underground, avant-garde, surrealistic and realistic simultaneously. She specializes in black and grey micro, single needle tattoos. Lartigue's work reflects her upbringing in a Mexican, Catholic household.


Alex's studio.